Remote Service & Digital Maintenance – Rapid remote support and intelligent machine maintenance.

  • Reduce machine downtimes on a remote basis using NETservice
  • Fast troubleshooting thanks to visual support from the SERVICEcamera
  • Cross-manufacturer maintenance and servicing with WERKBLiQ​​​​​​​

Your access to the digital service

NETservice has been developed specially by DMG MORI to meet the exacting requirements of customers in the machine tool industry and enables remote communication with DMG MORI SERVICE. The key advantages include the multi-user conference, maximum data security and the optional plug-and-play connection of the DMG MORI SERVICEcamera.

NETservice is preinstalled on all IoTconnectors and is therefore a key component of the most recent generation of DMG MORI machines. Customers with existing machines do, of course, have the option of retrofitting the IoTconnector using the Retrofit Kit.

IoTconnector & RETROFIT-KIT​​​​​​​


Reduce machine downtime on a remote basis

  • Operators, hotliners, service technicians and experts work together and communicate thanks to the multi-user conference
  • Transparency ensured by logging all service activities
  • Direct installation of document updates possible
  • Optional connection to the SERVICEcamera

Prerequisite: IoTconnector​​​​​​​


Remote service visual support 

  • Livestream from the machine directly to the DMG MORI hotliner for higher resolution rates
  • Plug-and-play connection without pre-configuration between the SERVICEcamera and NETservice using the IoTconnector
  • Fast and secure 5G Wi-Fi transfer
  • Splash-proof housing
  • Integrated lighting and laser pointer
  • Photo and video storage on the SERVICEcamera and IoTconnector for use later  

IoTconnector & RETROFIT-KIT​​​​​​​

Secure networking of DMG MORI machines

  • Interfaces, such as OPC-UA, MTconnect and MQTT, enable data exchange between the IoTconnector, applications and IoT platforms
  • Protection against external attacks with an integrated firewall and virus blocker with automatic updates
  • Simple retrofitting for existing DMG MORI machines
  • Basis for future applications

To get you started with digitisation easily, DMG MORI provides four products for networking, direct remote service and monitoring of your DMG MORI machine which are designed to work well together.

  • IoTconnector & Retrofit Kit
    Secure connectivity, basis for future applications and simple retrofitting for DMG MORI machines
  • NETservice & SERVICEcamera
    Reduce downtimes with the new remote service
    Current status of all networked machines and devices
    All information that is relevant to production at a glance

CELOS Service APPs provide you with targeted troubleshooting support and intelligent machine maintenance.

DMG MORI NETservice: The new benchmark for remote services in the machine tool industry
WERKBLiQ in 2 minutes

An overview of Integrated Digitization

Find out more about DMG MORI products and solutions for ongoing digitization– from the planning and preparation stages right through to manufacturing, monitoring and service.

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